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2021 Harper’s Retreat and the 2nd Plague Bardic Championship 🎶

For a few years, now, it has been a goal of mine to become the Baronial Bard of Stonemarche. But in order to win the competition, one must first enter it. Every year, Harper’s Retreat comes, and with it, Baronial Bardic. And every year, I go to sign up and freeze. (Freak out, change my… Continue reading 2021 Harper’s Retreat and the 2nd Plague Bardic Championship 🎶


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Stumpwork Strawberries

I took a class from Mistress Vienna on Dec 17th. I was so excited, because every time she has taught this class, I’ve not been able to attend. Stumpwork is a type of sculptural or padded hand embroidery work that rose to popularity between 1650-1690. The first step was to transfer the design onto linen… Continue reading Stumpwork Strawberries

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A Mistress and her Legacy (belt).

At Coronation in April, I was asked by Mistress Camille if I could help her with a project. You see, she had just taken an amazingly talented woman ((Danielle Holden – Lady Audreye Bennett) as an apprentice and gave her a Legacy* belt. Camille, for all her amazing talents, told me that she lacks the… Continue reading A Mistress and her Legacy (belt).

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Elena Hylton becomes a Laurel

Shortly after I became a member of the S.C.A., I started attending meetings for the Keepers of Athena’s Thimble, the East Kingdom’s embroiderer’s guild. Through this guild, I have met many wonderful and talented men and women. One of these women is Lady Elena Hylton. From the moment I met her, I knew that she… Continue reading Elena Hylton becomes a Laurel

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Birka and the Fashion Show that was(n’t)…

Every year at Birka, there has been a fashion show. The categories are Early, Mid, and Later period. A few years ago, Duchess (then Queen) Avelina introduced an additional category. The Queens Challenge. This year the Queens Challenge was “Beast of the East-Show your Eastern Pride”. I had plans… Initially they were fairly large and… Continue reading Birka and the Fashion Show that was(n’t)…