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Elena Hylton becomes a Laurel

Shortly after I became a member of the S.C.A., I started attending meetings for the Keepers of Athena’s Thimble, the East Kingdom’s embroiderer’s guild. Through this guild, I have met many wonderful and talented men and women. One of these women is Lady Elena Hylton. From the moment I met her, I knew that she… Continue reading Elena Hylton becomes a Laurel

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Birka and the Fashion Show that was(n’t)…

Every year at Birka, there has been a fashion show. The categories are Early, Mid, and Later period. A few years ago, Duchess (then Queen) Avelina introduced an additional category. The Queens Challenge. This year the Queens Challenge was “Beast of the East-Show your Eastern Pride”. I had plans… Initially they were fairly large and… Continue reading Birka and the Fashion Show that was(n’t)…

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Palio di Stonemarche

Every year, in June, the Barony of Stonemarche hosts “Palio di Stonemarche” based off the Palio games in Sienna, Italy.  We split the barony into 3 Contrada’s (neighborhoods): Southern Barony: Ferrari Western Barony: Sole Seacoast Barony: Hippcampo This year, I was asked to be the Contrada Captain for Ferrari! I was excited and a little… Continue reading Palio di Stonemarche