Warp ‘n Weft

I didn’t think I’d be writing again, so soon, but here we are…
My local SCA group has a lot of weavers. And they weave all kinds of things. I, on the other hand, haven’t  weaved a single thing. (Those horrible pot holders from 1st grade don’t count!) I found out that one of our very local-to-me friends hosts a weaving circle once a month! In speaking with her previously, I learned that all I needed to start was a desire. She could provide me with a small loom to use, cotton thread and 3 basic patterns. I was excited and showed up on her doorstep!

The pattern I chose was very basic. You only use 6 cards (or tablets). And my movement was also very basic. 4 quarter turns forward (away from you) and 4 quarter turns back (towards you).


I chose pattern 2.1. It makes little diamonds and we all know that diamonds are a girls best friend!!

Anyways, within the first few passes of the shuttle, you can start to see your pattern emerge!


In only 3 hours, I learned how to thread my cards, warp the loom and I have about a foot of trim made. I think I am in love!



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