More inspiration

Last Saturday, I attended an event called Novice Schola. There were so many classes to take!! I hadn’t really decided which ones, until I arrived! I decided to explore my interest in the scribal world.

My first class was with Mistress Kay Leigh. It was a behind the scenes look at the process. A person has been recomended for an award and how it gets to court.


It was only an hour long class, and I am sure that there was a lot more that could have been said. But her handy dandy chart (above picture) and the websites she provided (for ek scribes) are wonderful for filling in blanks.

Onto class 2: Basics in Illumination with Mistress Emma (Baroness Bergental).


There was a lot of books with pretty manuscripts. And Mistress Emma brought her own portfolio for us to *carefully* drool over. 😉

She taught us the basic format of a scroll and about some vine types: Spindly, Rambling and Seemingly Symetrical. We also talked about leaf types and “white work”.

This is my attempt at white work:


This is hers:


(FYI: she did this upside down!!)

The next class was on blending colors. Taught by Mistress Eleanore. Aside from learning how to blend we learned how to make your color pallet. Also about how to show importance by using warm colors over cold ones.

Then it was off to Introduction to Goldwork by Doña Anastasia da Monte. She showed us some examples that she made:

The basic goldwork is done with couching. You can see that in the vine work above and below. But then rhere are the tubes and the fancier boullions!!


My mind was blown! I was so excited to play with shiney bits! She gave us some examples to play with and this is mine.


Once I finish it, I’ll take a picture and share!


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