New projects..

It’s been a while.. I have been a little busy with life.  Some of you know, I had a 3rd (and hopefully last) surgery on my elbow in December. Things have been steadily improving and, last week, my doctor gave me the ok to get back to work. The problem, I now have limitations and could not go back to the job I had. While looking for work, I found the “Work Ready NH” program. A state funded program to help people in my situation to work on their soft skills and update their hard skills to gain employment in a new field. And so, because of this, I haven’t had a ton of time to stitch.
But I have been working on a little project. Inspiried by the “Intro to Goldwork” class I took. My friend’s niece is getting married and he asked for a monogram. The wedding colors are Mint and Gold. PERFECT!!!

Here is what it looked like last week…


I struggled, a bit, for the second strand of knotwork. Initially, I had thought to stitch the second strand all filled in. But I got about 3 inches in and hated it! I took it out and decided to use a shade darker than the material.


Much better, I think!


The stitches I have used are couching. The green strand is DMC cotton 6 stand floss (3 strands couched with 1). The gold knotwork strand is Splendor 12 strand silk in Old Gold (3 strands). It is couched with Krenik metalic thread.
The initial “O” the Krenik metalic thread doubled and couched with a single strand of of the Splendor Old Gold silk.

I am just about finished with this project, at this point. And really hope the bride and groom like it. ❤


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