For the last month, I have been working on a secret project. A present for (sca) Baronessa Jocelyn. It’s a chalice cover. While not “period” in the strictest of senses, they are a great way to keep things out of your drink (like bugs, and leaves, etc) while outside.

I found out that her heraldry had a hedgehog on it. A wee medieval beastie! White on a green background. While it’s great heraldry (very readable at a distance), it doesn’t quite translate to hand embroidery. Specifically what I wanted to do. So I opted for a more modern take on the hedgie.

Thanks to the wonders of the internets, Google and free clip art, I found the one.


I then made some adjustements: made the nose more heart shape. Changed the eye and even created a less defined edge for the top of the hedgehog, so it is more like its quills.

As far as shading goes, I used the same technique as I did on the seahorse. Found my root color, then went a shade darker and a shade lighter. I used 1 strand of each, to create the look. And then just used a single strand of white floss to create highlights for the quills.



And for the corners, I took the “J” directly from her favors.


Materials: DMC Cotton floss on cotton.
Stitches: Split stitch
Dims: approx 9″x9″x9″

It was given to her today, at our Palio di Stonemarche.


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