What’s next?

One of the neat things that I love about being involved with the SCA is the opportunity to learn new crafts. Often, the teacher creates a “kit” for the students to work from. You take your 30 or 60 minute class but you’ve only been able to complete a part of it. Ideally, you take it home and complete it. But then what?? What do you do with that sample piece? I guess that depends upon the actual item. Some things you can use over and over. Some things you can form into some sort of gift or largess item.

I seem to have this problem, right now. Back in Feb (or was it March?) you’ll remember I took an ‘Intro to Goldwork’ class. My SCA personna is early period norse.. Goldwork was more prominent during the Tudor and Elizabethan eras. This is a really a small sample piece and isn’t enough to make a needlebook or anything like that. So I’ve been at a loss with what to do with it….

Inspiration came to me, overnight, tho!

Now, bear with me. It may not seem like this is connected, but it is!! My friend, Amy Perryman, has this incredible display board of her weaving and fibre art samples. She has items on it that she made years ago and newer pieces that shows how far she’s come. And every year, I am increasingly amazed. I thought how cool would it be to have a board like that! I teased her that every year she re-sets the bar higher and higher.

As I said, I had some inspiration last night. It was in the form of a kind of strange dream. Everything was about time lines. In fact the dream, itself, was a time line.

EUREKA!! A time line of embroidery!

I’ll work various embroidery samples with stitches from some of the earlier known examples upto 1600!! And then create my own display board!! And I can add to it each time I learn something new!

I am sure that someone (or many some ones) has done this before. However, *I* haven’t done it before. It will give me motivation to really start digging into stitches I’ve been intimidated by (hello Blackwork that looks exactly alike front and back and braided goldwork!) and stitches that I wouldn’t necessarily use for my own kit. Also? It will give me a use for all of the small sample pieces that I have done because of classes I’ve taken.

I’m kind of giddy about this!! Don’t worry…there will be pictures!


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