Photo dump…

I have decided to do a photo dump of the pieces I’ve completed. Some of these are earlier pieces. Some are mundane, some for a LARP, some for SCA… 

*many of these designs I found through Dover clip art and copywrite-free stock images on google. Other’s I had permission to re-create. And a couple of them are my own design.*

Ring pillow I embroidered for Sean and Amber’s wedding.

I used sewing thread for this, not floss. These were on the sleeves of a parti-colored tunic I made for my friend Adam for our LARP. Based on his fighting company, The Co of the White Boar.

Another piece for our LARP. A black phoenix represents a “class” called Anti-Paladin. The orange behind it was my introduction to silk. And it was verigated!!

For my friend Andre. The needlework is complete and has been complete for ages.. I have to figure out how to finish the actual piece. W.I.P 

A sampler: stitches are stem stitch, trellis stitch and open chain.

Norse inspired pouch. 

The Mocking Jay. 

Left: Prize for the Crafting Games (for my LARP). The arrow is replaced by a blood red needle. The games were inspired by the movie: the Hunger Games. (I know! You’re surprised!) The were run by Shelly Suttles.

Right: a white mocking jay, used as a white pheonix for the Paladin class in my LARP. Gifted to Katherine Dean upon her elevation to knighthood (Knight of the Serpent).

Christmas present for my friends, Paul and Eileen Elvin. The large E is outline with couching (but it’s hard to see).

A comission piece for Kerry King. His design. All cotton on cotton. Used mostly split stitch and filled with Bayeux stitch.

A Largese item. Given at Birka 2016. Norse inspired serpents – NOT MY DESIGN. This is a chalic cover.

Another Largess item given at Birka 2016. Tudor Rose design. Stitches I used: chain, split, couching, trellis, and back. Also added beads to the corners.

SCA. This is the badge for the Keepers of Athena’s Thimble (the embroidery guild in the SCA). I used all silk on linen. Stitches: Bayeux, surface couching, and split.

Cotton on cotton. Celtic shamrock donated to the Lucy’s Love Bus raffle.

The next 3 items were done for my SCA Baronessa, Jocelyn. She would give these favors out to those who she feels worthy. (For acts of kindness, service, etc..) I took this opportunity to work other stitches that I didn’t have much experience in. Yay learning!!

This 1st one is pretty basic, but I used Bayeux for the sword.

For this next one, I used chain stitch to do the outline of the ‘J’ and surface couching on the blade of the sword.

This 3rd one, I also used chain stitch for the outline of the ‘J’ and the sword. But I added seed beads to the J to kind of make it stand out a bit.

And this next one is a throw-back to my early days of cross-stitching and 8-bit comic. I found the pattern on-line and just needed to create it! This little guy was created as a prize for a 40hr on-line streaming fundraiser. I present:


Anyways… I hope you enjoyed looking through these, as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them. And please leave me a comment if you have any questions about these items. 


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