Secret Birka 28 Project

Last fall, it was made known that there would be quite a few visiting Royals to our *little* SCA event: A Market Day at Birka. Stonemarche’s artisans have always been very generous in creating & donating items for gift bags for visiting Royals…but usually it’s only a few. This year there was 12 Royal “heads of state”.

I had already decided I would try to create something, I just wasn’t sure what. December rolled around and Anastasia of the Oaks (who is the person usually in charge of the gift bags) asked me if I was up for doing embroidered chalice covers for each royal. We got to thinking about how to personalize them. I said “Let’s do a monogram taking aspects and colors from their personal arms and then use green and white beads for the corners to represent Stonemarche!”

That’s when I found out that Royals suspend their personal arms for the year that they are in office.

There was a lot of googling. The fact that I had NO idea who most of these people were and what they look like meant there was an expansion to learning what to use as my search parameters. Because when I just plugged in “name, sca, kingdom, arms” it would generally come up with the actual kingdom arms, and not the personal ones. I ended up finding most of them on my own, and confirming with people who knew better. But also, I learned that our heralds have many more tricks up their sleeves, than you realise. LOL

Because of how many had to be done and how quickly they needed to be done, I used mostly basic stitches: split, satin, couched and chain.

Xristina of Ealdomere:

Siegfreid of Ealdomere:

Hrodir of Northshield:

Yehudah of Northshield:

Aibhlinn of Northshield:

Konrad of Northshield:

Margerite of Æthelmearc:

Antonii of The Mists:

Each cover has some variation of green and white beads to represent Stonemarche. The beads on the corners are there to help weigh the covers down.

While this project had a few frustrating moments, it was really fun and pretty educational!!


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