Happy 1 year Anniversary

How can The Working Needle be a year old, already?

It seems like only yesterday that I sat with my friend Trudi, and chatted about genealogy, string things and needlework. Specifically how I should just jump in and even if I do nothing more than photo-dump, it would be a way to document my progress. She was the recipient of my very first piece of German Brick Stitch. 

It was also my last face to face visit with her. I almost didn’t make the trip, as I was still recovering from major surgery and was unsure if I could physically do the drive.  But I am so glad I did. Trudi passed away shortly after my visit. She was surrounded by her family and love and that is really all one can ask for.
There have been many changes over this last year. I’ve grown in skill and in confidence. I’m about to teach my first embroidery class.

I am even about to take on an apprenticeship with an amazing woman. Something I had never even thought about. 
I feel like I am finding my voice. 

And  that, my friends, is what living your passion is all about.

Thank you, Trudi. I miss you. đź’–


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