Life is never what you expect…

I haven’t posted in a while. Life has been a little crazy. Still trying to find full time permanent employment. Still working temp jobs. Still trying to swim through it all. 

I taught my first stitching class at the Embroidery Scola in Quintavia, in February. Then taught it again at the Novice Schola in Bergental in March. It was a pretty neat experience. I learned a lot from my students. Everyone said that they enjoyed it and learned quite a bit. I was even told by a student, she is no longer afraid to tackle her next project! That feels great to hear!! 

My SCA name and arms passed, so I created a Wiki page for my personna: 

I worked on a Largesse Project for TRM’s Ionnes and Honig. They were going to the coronation in Northshield. A request for Black and White trim was made, so that’s what I did. And then I made a little yellow wool felted pouch to carry them in. 

The latest project was Soapstone Carving and Pewter Casting, taught by Stephen of Silverforge. It was an incredible day and I learned soooooo much!!! I don’t have a finished token, yet, because I didn’t keep it as simple as I probably should have. But I am in love with the process. 

It didn’t hurt that a master calligrapher used the words gorgeous and beautiful to describe my carving…. 😍😉😙

You can see the difference from my first pour (far left) to my last pour (far right).

One of the things we have to change/fix/make better is the sprue, to allow the pewter to flow better and to fill in all of my nooks and crannies (they are not just for english muffins, yo!). The last pour filled in almost 100%, and I think that it’s because the stone was warmed up. A better sprue (or fill in spot) will help this. 

All in all, not bad for a first time. I know where to improve my carving (undercuts are a thing). Filled in disks are easier than stand alone letters. Why yes, I can have a crown on top of my letter or token, if I want. (It signifies love and loyalty – not people wearing fancy shiny hats.) 

When I have a completed token, I’ll share my results!


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