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So much to do and little time to do it in!

*** Mea Culpa – I realized that I never gave photo credit’s, where they were due! I have now corrected this error! 

I mentioned, a few posts back, that I’ve accepted an apprenticeship at Birka, but I really didn’t say much else. Well, it was after the Fashion Show at Birka 28 that my dear friend, Mistress Astryda Borowska, approached me for a conversation that would change (for the better) how I view myself. 

Astryda Borowska and *the* tent. Photo by Stephen Schaeffer

To have someone I admire and respect so much see this kind of potential in me… For once in my life, friends, I was actually physically speechless!! (I know! It’s hard to believe! But there were witnesses!!) 😉

We decided to have a small formal ceremony at Panteria, to be witnessed by our close friends. Where I have never been an apprentice before and she never apprenticed anyone before, we have been talking a little about the ceremony and what we’d each like to get out of the relationship. (A little too personal to go into, at this time).

All that aside, do you see this amazing woman?? 

Astryda Borowska and her daughter at the Spring Coronation of Kenrick and Avelina of the East. April 2016. Photo by Paula Gorman at the Higgins Armory in Worcester, MA (Shire of Quintavia)

Do you see how incredibly beautiful she is? And how amazingly put together her outfit is??? I figure, I need to step up my game! LOL. I was planning on doing so, anyways, just now I’m on a little different timeline! 

I put my fear of my sewing machine aside, and with some very generous assistance from my bestie, got down to business. My name and arms have passed, so I decided that I wanted to do something a bit heraldic. I know.. I know.. I’ve a (roughly) 9th century Swedish persona. They didn’t really ‘do’ the stuff I want to do, but I’m going to do it anyway.  I am, however, keeping it a lot more simple. 

The goal: Blue linen underdress. Yellow wool apron dress. Dublin cap. 

The first thing I tackled was the cap. I don’t have the silk for it, so I used an eggshell white linen. And then I decided to embroider it with acanthus leaves. Again, there is NO EVIDENCE that currently exsist to prove that they embellished their caps. But I like pretty. 

I had all of the outline work done, so it was wearable at Balfar’s, on April 22. Green vines with blue and yellow/gold accents. I used cotton DMC in 3 strands for this work. Mostly, because I know myself. I know I sweat. I want to be able to wash this. The outlines were done in split stitch. And because it was so close to the edge, I used the scoop method to stitch it. It was just easier to maintain a consistant tention. The little yellow bits were done in Satin stitch. 

Then I put it on….

My linen cap. It is based on the Dublin Cap, except that I didn’t use wool.

It is too long and my ties are in the wrong place. Should be an easy fix, so it is now at the bottom of the list.

The next part is where my bestie came into play. Aside from talking me down from a couple of minor panic attacks, she provided ALL THE MATHS. We decided to measure, cut, and sew the Apron dress, next. 

Kiaya laying out, measuring and marking thr wool.
My turn to measure and mark!

Kiaya and I were marking and cutting…

Then came the sewing… And to prove that I did do some of it, here is proof:

Proof I can sew WITHOUT having to call the paramedics!

All that is left to do is the hemming, and putting on the straps. (Also a little bit of seam treatments and applique work – but I want to get the construction done first.)

Another part of this project is making tablet woven trim. 10 cards (threaded 5S & 5Z). 4 turns forward – 4 turns backwards.  I am using cotton perle in a matching Blue and Gold color. 

It’s a fairly simple pattern, but I really love how it looks. I am about 1\3 done of this trim. 

Next on the list: the underdress…..


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