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Panteria outfit and surprises

When I last wrote I was gearing up for Panteria (an SCA event held in VT). 

I was working on my yellow wool apron dress. Next up was my blue underdress…

Kiaya had helpped me with math and marking

Due to my crazy life, Kiaya offered to put the dress together for me. But I did all of the finishing…

Straight stitches on a curved line

When you are doing straight stitches on a curved line, remember lots and LOTS of pins. I didn’t have many.  But neccesity is the mother of all inventions… So paperclips would do the job of my pins. And it worked beautifully!!

I used chain stitch in a beautifully buttery merino wool floss.

Next up was the re-working of my Dublin cap.

I had to shorten the length of the cap.

–super nerd alert–

I am super excited at how tiny and consistant those stitches are!!

–end alert–

Now on to the ties. I decided to take a length of the linen that I used for the cap and make my ties. I decided to do a double inward fold (I think it has an actual name, I just don’t know what it is called. Bring the left side in to the middle and then the right side in to the middle and then fold in half and stitch closed.) I used a whip stitch to close the seam.

*side note: if you miss your stitch and stab your finger, try to not drip on to your white linen. If you DO drip on it, as gross as this sounds, you can use your own spit to lift the blood out. There is an enzyme in your saliva that will break down the blood stain. But only ‘your’ saliva and only ‘your’ blood. You can ask me how I know. Or just look at the picture…


So Panteria has arrived and do you think I am 100% ready??? 


You have to, at some point, draw a line. The bottom of my dress never got hemmed. I never got the fancy applique done onto the apron dress. I had only tacked down my sleeve cuffs.  I had help from Felicia in getting the ties sewn onto the the cap. And while she was doing that, I was attempting to repair my treasure necklace that had *just* snapped. 

But.. When all was said and done, I still felt amazing. I was about to become apprenticed to a woman whom I adore and greatly respect. I was surrounded by some of the best people in my life. Really… I could have kept fiddling with it all.. But I wanted to be wearing it.

So… The ceremony!

We have a contract. Basically it is mutually binding until it isn’t. She will guide me, help me grow and, should the time come, speak for me. One of the things she had written into the contract is that I’m allowed a “modicum of mischief”. Hence the look, below:

The contract was written by Astryda, but the caligraphy was done by Harold Von Aurabach.. And then she CUT it!! 

We each have a piece!!

We exchanged gifts:

She gave me a belt that was woven by Kendra. And a pouch made from Sartor silk!! I have my very own piece of Sartor!!! That matches her Sartor gown!! And that isn’t all. Inside the pouch were tools of the trade: a pair of snips, a ring thimble, some silk thread and some Beeswax in the shape of an acorn!!

[Picture here]

I made her a belt favor, using cloth from my underdress and wool from my apron dress.

And then there was much rejoicing!!

I almost forgot! I had this beautiful necklace custom made by Contessa Esselia’s Curiosities. Astryda’s arms have a peacock feather!

Court… What can I say about court. I love it. I love watching all of the fancy people. I love seeing my friends and friends of friends and even people I don’t know, get recognised for their work. And we get there… And I put my stuff down and start to head back to camp to pick up Dan’s chair and was stopped in my tracks. 

No no… Have a seat.. I’ll go get Dan’s chair, said just about everyone.

Well..that should have tipped me off to something, but… LOL

Anyways… Court starts.. We make room for Dan, who still wasn’t there. And we watch as a few people get called up. Finally Dan get’s there and the next name is called. I wasn’t sure I heard it correctly. 

Ástrídr Sægerisdottir

Astryda and Dan both look at me… “That’s you!”

I was stunned. I hear that the Royals love getting that *deer in the headlights* look..and boy did they get it spades.  In fact, His Majesty told me to not faint!! 😀

I was inducted into the Order of the Silver Brooch!! Which, you can’t be, unless you are granted arms. I am now a Lady of the Court. It’s kind of cool!!! 

Enamelled pendant by Baroness Brose of Dragonship Haven!! (Alice Leber)
Cindy Quirrion made my scroll. It was the first scroll she ever made for Kingdom. I am truly in love with it!
My first glance at the scroll!! I can’t thank Brenden Crane enough for this photo!!
I learned some ASL. This means crying. I was a hot mess! ❤
At GNeW, Cindy was inducted into the Order of the Silver Brooch! (But that’s another post!) I took a moment to get a photo with her.

On Sunday, Dan was called into court, and received his AOA and is now a Lord of the Court!

And once again… He almost missed it! But that is his tale to tell. 😉


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