Largesse items

This is where I will share the Largesse items that I’ve created.

June/July 2017: The Largesse Battle between Giggleswick and Ravensbridge.  I made 10 pendants to help Giggleswick.

April 2017: The gift baskets for Ansteorra

I contributed 1/2 of a project, and Cindy Bergeron (Barony of Ruantallan) completed the second half.  We made companion embroidered goblet covers with the Ansteorra sable star. Here is mine:

February (2017) a call was placed for Largesse for TRMs Ionnes and Honig, for the new Royals of O. One of the items was black and white trim. I wanted more time with my loom, so this was perfect!!

A *new to me* pattern. 

10 cards (5 S & 5 Z) 4F & 4B

When I finished it, I had 2 lengths of trim, each approximately 5 ft long. But they just kind of looked..meh. 

So I made a little pouch to carry them off.

Something that is always in demand, both locally and regionally, is cord. These can be used for a variety of things. Lacing for bodices, dresses, doublets and arming jackets. As well as for award medallions. 

I like using the Kumihimo method as I find it less taxing (physically) on me than finger loop braiding. I tend to use green & white, when making cord for the Barony of Stonemarche. Other color combinations can be made based on the award being given or the person the award is for.  

Cord making is an always on-going process.